Little Box of Happiness - About our Boxes

At Little Box of Happiness, we make it easy for you to send a unique and thoughtful gift to truly brighten someone's day. We make seasonal pre-made gift boxes filled with amazing products that are created by us and other small businesses across Australia. All of our gifts and products are designed and selected to inspire happiness.  

Forget flowers or chocolates, our unique a boxes will make your loved one feel extra special and cared about. We have had reports of lots of happy tears after opening one of our boxes. In just a few easy clicks you can have a beautiful box of happiness on its way to anyone you think is in need of one.

Flowers die and chocolates are gone in a heartbeat, but it’s those thought out, unique gifts that stay with us for ever. The Little Box of Happiness is exactly that! 

When opening our boxes, you will be greeted with a pop of colour and you will not know where to look first. Our boxes are packed full of delightful gifts that have been made with so much love by us and other passionate creatives.

The Little Box of Happiness selection of gift boxes are all great gifts for yourself, a friend or relative for special occasions or simply to show that you care and want to make them feel special.

Afterall, who doesn't want a Little Box of Happiness?

Our Boxes Include -

Spring/ Summer Edition - on sale from October - March 

Autumn/Winter Edition  - on sale March - October

LITTLE BOX OF GOOD VIBES - on sale all year subject to availability


MINI BOX OF HAPPINESS - on sale all year subject to availability