About us

Here at Little Box of Happiness, we (Amy + Liza) are inspired by the small steps that can be taken towards achieving happiness. One night after a bottle of wine (or 2), we booked a trip to the beautiful island of Rottnest. It was here in November 2015 that the Little Box of Happiness was born.

We had the idea to send a little box of happiness right to someone's door, when they were in need of a little boost of happiness. We are both completely transfixed on the idea of what would happen if we bundled together all of the small things that bring us women so much happiness. 

 Ever since then we have been working to create this wonderful small business, we are SO proud of what we have achieved. What we have created is a gift boxes to send to someone you love to brighten their day, our boxes are also the perfect pick me up gift for yourself when you need a little sunshine in your life. 


Every single day we are given a sign that we are doing the right thing and do you know what, it feels great. We are absolutely committed to bringing a smile to the faces of people across Australia while at the same time helping to support other local creatives.



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